CSP - Blevins Apiary Pure Honey

Here is BTS on Blevins Honey shoot...

Here is the shot I decided to go with after getting my exposure and white balance before post production

I identified the problem areas before retouching begins

Here is the final shot after post..even though the picture came out great I felt it was still missing something.

Setup - Place a flash with snoot pointed at the back of the honey jar to create a glow effect for the honey in the jar 

Setup - Placed the parabolic soft box above to add rim lighting. Also placed a gold reflector on right side to create edge lighting. Placed a white card on left to bounce the gold reflection while using a black card on top of the white card narrowing the edge light.

Here is another view of the gold reflector to create edge lighting. 

I decided to add the honey dipper to the shot. Since I already shot the jar I used this jar as a placement holder while the main focus was on the dipper and the spilled honey and yes it was messy.

Here is the FINAL image and it feels alot better having the dipper in the shot. Now thats a great picture!!!

Took one step further and added more jars of honey in the background, by making them smaller it makes the front jar more of a hero of the shot.